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“A Christmas Wish”

Colorado Flat Fee Realty, 93.7 The Rock, and Mount Saint Vincent have teamed up to deliver “ A Christmas Wish “ to children suffering from neglect, abuse, and mental health issues this Christmas. We here at 93.7 The Rock believe each of these children deserve to have a memorable Christmas this year, despite the many challenges they face. Some of the children at Mount Saint Vincent has come up with a list of a couple toys they would love to receive this year.There is a total of 19 Children who have requested a toy this Christmas. Below is a just a peek into who these children are, their stories, and the gift they have asked for.

xmas boy.jpg


Twelve-year-old Andrew is a big kid who was abused as a child. Although he is very likeable, he is often teased about his size and has difficulty making friends. Mount Saint Vincent staff are helping him with his relational skills and he’s starting to come out of his shell. He likes traditional sports, but he’s really eager to try some newer “cooler” sports activities.

Wish list: Backyard snowboard, razor scooter, helmet

xmas girl.jpg


At the age of 11, Becca had been in 12 foster homes. She purposely misbehaved to get out of foster home placements because she wanted to return to her mom. But that’s not possible because her mother struggles with drug abuse and it’s not a safe environment for Becca. Now that she is feeling more secure at Mount Saint Vincent, Becca loves to play house and bake treats in her Easy-Bake oven.

Wish list: Easy Bake oven cake or cookie mixes, nail polish, jewelry kits

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Angela, a cute little girl with curly hair and big brown eyes, was born with severe fetal alcohol syndrome. She’s now 9, but she suffers from significant developmental delays. Her mind races constantly and she finds it almost impossible to focus or concentrate in school. Mount Saint Vincent staff discovered that Angela does well when playing with toys that can be used to build larger structures. It helps her focus on a specific task and she feels a great sense of accomplishment when she succeeds at completing a project.

Wish list: Magnatiles, Legos, K’NEX

  • Names of children have been changed to protect their privacy