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Jim & Woody

The Morning Drive team are radio veterans who have hosted on numerous Denver stations. Woody Vincent is a stand-up comedian who was 2008 winner of the statewide "Survival of the Wittiest" comedy contest at Wit's End Comedy Club. Jim and Woody created the funny "Pillow Kingdom and Big Sur Waterbeds radio and TV ads in the 70's, 80's and 90's,

DJ MCcoy

Mid-days are hosted by Colorado native D.J. McCoy. McCoy is a major market talent who has worked as a radio host in Boston, Phoenix, Houston and coast-to-coast on the ABC radio networks.

Chuck Buell

Legendary Disc Jockey Chuck Buell hosts the Afternoon Show slot. Buell has worked at such powerhouse stations as KIMN radio in Denver, WLS Radio Chicago, and KFRC in San Francisco. (read more)

Live Streaming

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6am - 10am: DJ McCoy

11am - 3pm: Scott Curtis

3pm - 7pm: Jimmy Rock

7pm - 10pm: Brian J


10am - 2pm: Hal Moore

2pm - 6pm: Bill Bline


11am - 3pm: Freddie B

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